Pure Lindy on Facebook

There are two ways to use Facebook to hear about Pure Lindy news, photos and events.

Option 1 is for people who already have a Facebook account. If you have a facebook account you might like to join the Pure Lindy Facebook Group. There are a number of things this will allow you to do that you can't do on a Facebook 'page' and I won't attempt to emplain them all here, but the main difference between a group and a page appears to be that in a group you can message other members but in a page you can't. The following is the link to the Pure Lindy Facebook group:

Option 2 is for people who are not registered on Facebook but would like to see photos and comments from Pure Lindy fans. The Facebook 'page' is a seperate entity to the Facebook group and does not require Facebook log in details to access it. You can access the Pure Lindy Facebook Page at the following link:

The idea behind creating both a page and a group is to reach as many people as possible through the medium of Facebook.

Pure Lindy will make every attempt to ensure that the Facebook page and the Facebook group both contain the most up to date information. If you are ever in any doubt about whether information is up to date then please refer to the Pure Lindy Facebook Group and/or this website. Our facebook page is more of an advertising vehicle and may not always be as up to the minute as our Facebook group.

Hope this isn't too confusing

Sian and Julian.


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